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28 January 2013

Food Allergy News: AllergyEats Wins Another Award

Massachusetts-based AllergyEats, the leading food allergy restaurant website and database, has won yet another award. AllergyEats won the Silver Award for Best Mobile Directory/Ratings/Guide in the 14th Annual Web Health Awards program. This is the 3rd--that's right, THIRD!--award AllergyEats has won in the last six months or so. They also won Best Allergy App in About.coms' 2012 Readers Choice Awards and was one of the ten Best Allergy Health Apps of 2012 by Healthline. AllergyEats is a force for change, pushing food allergies to the forefront of customer service concerns in the restaurant world.

Using AllergyEats.com can help give you a good guidepost for restaurant options. You can read reviews by others managing food allergies, and that is a huge advantage over reading "regular" restaurant reviews. You can actually filter your results by food allergy. For example, you can filter results specifically for peanut and nut allergies, and view restaurant ratings specifically by others managing those allergies, as well as food allergies in general. By using AllergyEats, I discovered a great restaurant, which has excellent service in general and fantastic food allergy awareness. The more restaurant reviews, the more complete a picture one can gather about a restaurant and whether or not it may suit an individual's food allergy needs. That is where you come in! AllergyEats offers the food allergy community a wonderful tool to make dining out easier and enjoyable. I strongly encourage families and individuals managing food allergies to share their dining out experiences--good and bad--on AllergyEats.com.

Congratulations to AllergyEats for their leadership and hard work. Thanks to AllergyEats, life with food allergies is even brighter!
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