With an eye on the food allergy community as a unique group of consumers since 2008, we're on a quest to find and share ways to continue enjoying the good things in life.

Food Allergy Blog Club

Are you a food allergy blogger? Are you interested in sharing blog tips with other food allergy bloggers and having a virtual meeting space to exchange blog ideas and questions, and maybe pick other bloggers' brains? Join the new Food Allergy Blog Club (formerly the Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival). It's a club for all the unpaid and underpaid food allergy bloggers to exchange information, support each other, collaborate, and get organized.

Here is the group's Facebook url. To be eligible for the Food Allergy Blog Club, you must have a blog and provide the name and url of the blog. Please note: After we receive your membership request, we'll send a brief message through Facebook asking for your blog name and url before we click "approve" for group membership.

We're also starting a blog--the url is www.foodallergyblogclub.com--where the new and improved food allergy blog carnival is hosted. It is the International Food Allergy Bloggers Journal, with posts from top English language food allergy bloggers from around the world. To submit a post for consideration, please enter your information on this form.

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