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30 November 2009

Kids with Foods Allergies Offers Free E-Book for Newly Diagnosed

An excellent new resource for parents of newly diagnosed children with food allergies has recently become available. I wish this primer had been available when I first learned of my son's peanut allergy; it reviews all of the basic to-do's and not-to-do's. Kudos to Kids with Food Allergies (KFA) on this great effort. To take a look at the new e-book, visit KFA's web site at www.kidswithfoodallergies.org and move your mouse over to the left sidebar. Click on From Confusion to Confidence: KFA's Starter Guide to Parenting a Child with a Food Allergy. Simply enter your email address, name, and zip code, and click on the Download button.

When my son was first diagnosed, the nurse at the allergist's office gave me a one page fact sheet with some resources listed. Very few resources were listed on that page; KFA's new e-book would be an excellent addition to allergist's resource lists for newly diagnosed patients! So, take a look and if you like what you see, please recommend it to your allergist and local support groups too. It covers all the food allergy basics--diagnosis, anaphylaxis, label reading, non-food items, hidden sources of allergens, and more.

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Brittany Thomas said...

It's awesome to find out that they now have a website to help people understand exactly what food allergies are all about. When my younger cousins were diagnosed three years ago, the majority of the family and I were really unsure about what this meant for them. Lisa Lundy is a woman who has three children with special food needs and she has created an entire website (and a cookbook) dedicated to education about food allergies and making safe, allergy-free foods. Your readers can access all of the information she has compiled for FREE on her website www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com. I am a student at Penn State and I met her this Fall. She knows how to help people and loves sharing her knowledge with the world. Every little bit of information is helpful =)