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15 April 2014

Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014: Twitter Get-Together

Screenshot courtesy of Homa Woodrum (Thank you Homa, I treasure it!)
I accidentally started a Food Allergy Awareness Week tradition for myself years ago--organizing a Twitter Party to get people talking about #foodallergy all at the same time. Last year, we were able to get #foodallergy to be the NUMBER ONE trending topic on Twitter during the party in some locations! You can see it in this screenshot from one of my favorite food allergy friends, Homa Woodrum--it was fantastic! I guess we set the bar kind of high, and we need to try again!

Let's all meet on Twitter--as many of as we can--and chat using #foodallergy in our Tweets, and see if we can get #foodallergy to trend again. I think we can do it, together!

I'm still making the plans, but:

the date is: Friday, May 16, 2014
the time: 6:00 Eastern (I may switch it later if I hear from the masses it'd be better for West Coast)
the venue: Twitter

14 April 2014

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America - New England Chapter Fundraiser 2014

Please see excerpt below from the flyer from the New England Chapter of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America about their annual spring fundraiser.

Join us for a fun evening for a good cause!
Lots of fabulous food
Hilarious comedy
Great auction items

Call for more information, or to order your tickets by phone
Click here to order tickets
on-line or by mail.

Tickets are only $80 each


11 April 2014

Interesting Food Allergy Newsbit

Take a look at this interesting post about GMO strawberries modified with peanuts to prevent freezing: GMO Strawberries with Peanuts: Hoax or Hazard? The idea of it is the stuff of a peanut allergy mom's nightmares, but it seems it is not true...

10 April 2014

Food Allergy Consumer Product Review: Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars

A few months ago, I was very excited to have the opportunity to try the new and improved Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars. Enjoy Life Foods is really in a category of its own. It is a top notch company. Their products are free of the 8 most common allergens as defined by the US. Food and Drug Administration and are also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites. I love their labeling, and I love knowing that Enjoy Life is a brand in which I can have faith. There are not many of those. In a pinch, I can run to the local grocery store, grab an ELF product and we're good to go. It's absolutely fantastic!

Now, on to the review. My two sons and I thoroughly enjoyed trying the Enjoy Life Chewy Bars. To give you perspective, my older son is now 13 and is a middle schooler. He has no food allergies. My younger son is 10 years old now, still in elementary school, and has life threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. We have a "peanut-free", "nut-free" home, and I do not buy any food that is made in a facility where nuts or peanuts are present. All three of us thought the chewy bars were excellent.

My older son and I liked the SunButter crunch chewy bars best. We thought they were irresistible! That is really saying something, because before I tried Enjoy Life's SunButter crunch bars, I really wasn't that crazy over SunButter. Now, I LOVE that flavor! My younger son liked the mixed berry chewy bars best. All of us were eager to have another bar, and sad when the last bar was gone! Not only were the bars scrumptious, they were satisfying too, but not heavy. Well done, Enjoy Life! Another home run!

FAB Review
Dedicated facility:
Yes. Dedicated gluten- and nut-free. (Read more about ELF's bakery.)
Appearance: Nice packaging. Easy to open!
Taste: We tried 4 flavors: mixed berry, SunButter crunch, cocoa loco & caramel apple. All excellent!
Texture: Chewy, bendy(!), fresh
Convenience: Available at many supermarkets around the U.S. and online. You can purchase directly from Enjoy Life a box of 5 bars for $4.49 directly from Enjoy Life Foods. They also sell 6 boxes for $24.44.
Buy again? Definitely! You can't beat the quality, taste, and convenience.

Thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for giving me the opportunity to try the chewy bars and share our thoughts on them!

Image from Louis Gray

08 April 2014

Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival - Belated March 2014 Edition

I have been waiting to post the March Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival but the site has been down for many days now! I think I have given up on the blog carnival website. It is fraught with too many technical problems. It's just as well. I think the blog carnival or blog hop concept is getting a bit old-fashioned in this fast-moving world of social media. Time for something new! (But what?! Stay tuned!)

For now, I give you a few choice posts from a few of the top food allergy bloggers and me. The theme for March 2014 was: food allergy cross-contamination.

From Lauren of Our Life as an Epi-Family, we have Reading Labels for Food Allergies: The Case of the Dino Nuggets.

Homa, of Oh Ma Deehness sent in Shared Equipment & Facilities and Food Allergy.

Multiple Food Allergy Help's Jenny shared Food Allergy Science Fair Project.

For my part, take a look at my recent post Cross-Contamination with a Keurig and an older post, Allergen-Free: What Does That Mean?

07 April 2014

The Big Quack!

From the Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota:
"The Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota (FASGMN) is hosting our annual family friendly event, The Big Quack, at the Water Park of America (1700 American Boulevard E, Bloomington, MN 55425) on May 4 from 4-8 pm. Please consider sharing this fun family event with your Food Allergy Buzz constituents. It is a great way to meet other individuals with allergies as well as have a safe night out. It is also a way to support the Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota because the money raised from the event goes back into our programming, events and educational materials to help empower families affected by food allergies.
The water park will be closed to the general public and only people who have purchased tickets from FASGMN beforehand may attend. Tickets are only $15 per person, typically tickets are around $30!
This event is safe for families with food allergies in the following ways:
·         All food must be eaten in designated eating areas away from the water areas.
·         Attendees may bring in outside foods/drinks to be eaten in the designated area upstairs.
·         “Camp Many Point” food service will be open, with peanut/nut-containing foods removed.
·         Tables and chairs will be cleaned before the event.

Here is a quick link to register for the event through our website:
We appreciate your support!
Thanks again,
Jodi Schulz
Operations Director
Food Allergy Support Group MN"

05 April 2014

University of Toronto Project Needs Your Help!

A design team at the University of Toronto is working on developing a product to improve cleaning food allergens from surfaces, and they are looking for input from you! Please complete their survey. The project is listed on this web page; it sounds like an amazing course!

Thanks to these scientists for working on a food allergy project which could potentially help so many people!
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