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21 April 2014

Food Allergy Mom Fashion: Earth Day 2014

Have you heard of Mamavation? It's a website, blog, and community for moms to learn about healthy living. As the mother of two growing boys, one of whom has life threatening food allergies, it's not surprising that eating and living healthy is at the top of my priority list. Recently, I was selected by Mamavation to receive a pair of of shoes at no cost from Earth Footwear's spring/summer collection as part of Earth Footwear's celebration of Earth Day, try the shoes out, and review them. It was an opportunity too good to pass up!

In honor of Earth Day, please take a look at the below video from Earth Footwear:

For more Earth Day ideas, check out Earth Footwear's #Earthday, Everyday Pinterest board! I liked this pin in particular:

From http://www.pinterest.com/simplehonest/
Earth Footwear has its corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA, about 20 miles away from my home. Earth is a new line of shoes made by this manufacturer of Kelso Earth Shoes and Earthies. Earth shoes feature a contemporary comfort style. Their shoes are dressy and comfy--precisely what I need as a high school teacher and mom, being on my feet for many hours every day!
Fauna http://www.earthbrands.com/item/earth-fauna/38521/182
Above is a photo of Earth's Fauna sandal. The straps have soft suede, and the shoes come in three colors--beige, coral and royal blue.The two straps are adjustable with discreet Velcro, each decorated with a large button, with a small piece of matching leather through the buttonholes. The entire footbed is cushioned, and there is padded arch support.

The spring/summer collection from Earth Footwear ranges in price from about $85 to $115. They may be purchased online directly from Earth Footwear and other stores, such as Zappos.com and Nordstrom.

Tempted? Sign up for Earth Footwear's newsletter! Every one who signs up for Earth's newsletter is automatically entered a monthly shoe giveaway.

Let me tell you about the adorable royal blue Fauna sandals I received. I really lucked out because the Fauna sandals I received have a platform of 1.5 inches and a heel of 2.5 inches. I am all of 4'11" without shoes, at best. So, you can well imagine I enjoy shoes with heels. (In fact, all my shoes for work have at least a 2 inch wedge heel.) I especially like platform wedges because they give me even more height without making me feel like the leaning Tower of Pisa. They are stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear for many hours. I really like them, and am excited it is finally almost sandal season again! (just a few more weeks!) The only thing I would change about the sandals is to get a pair in coral instead of royal blue.

FAB Review
Manufacturing facility: China
Appearance: dressy/casual; contemporary; stylish
Comfort: very good!
Availability: many online shoe retailers
Price: $85-$115
Buy again? yes!

I'd like to thank Mamavation and Earth Footwear for giving me the opportunity to try the Fauna Sandals and share them with Food Allergy Buzz readers. Hooray for spring weather and sandals!

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