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23 June 2015

Food Allergy Parents Celebrate the End of Another School Year

Another school year has come to an end. Parents of food allergic children visit Facebook support groups and networks to share their gratitude for a school year ending with the retrieval of two unused Epipens from the school nurse. If you don't have a child with life threatening food allergies, it's probably something you don't even think of. And why would you? The last day of school is always an exciting, joy-filled one. It's the end of one stage and the beginning of another. Gowing up, with all its milestones--from preschool to kindergarten, from elementary to middle school, and middle to high school, the end of every school year is a milestone. When you have a child with life threatening food allergies, however, and you pick up those two epinephrine injectors from the school nurse, it's a different sort of milestone. It's so fundamental, most people take it for granted--another allergy safe, allergic reaction free school year! We are grateful for the support from the teachers and school staff who helped care for our children and kept them safe, and we hope next school year is even better!

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