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16 April 2008

The Buzz around New England

Have you made your summer vacation plans yet?  If you are planning to be in New England or are working on a New England weekend trip idea, consider this:

With the onset of spring and the beginning of the baseball season, the thoughts of many sports fans turn to spending an afternoon or evening at the ballpark. For those who are peanut allergic, attending a baseball game can be challenging, if not altogether impossible. Fortunately, some ballparks are reaching out and beginning to make special arrangements for their food allergic fans.  In the New England area, the Nashua Pride of Nashua, New Hampshire, is offering a special peanut-free seating section at Holman Stadium this season to accommodate peanut-allergic fans.  

I recently spoke with General Manager Chris Hall about the peanut-allergy friendly changes. He stated that the changes are the result of a request from a Hollis, NH family.  The designated peanut-free section, number 208, is located in the upper seating area on the third base side.  The section will be power-washed following each game and those holding tickets for Section 208 will be made aware that it is a designated peanut-free zone.  In addition, efforts are underway to make some allergen-free food available as well.  Preference for the peanut-free zone should be mentioned when purchasing tickets.  An article in the Nashua Telegraph provides more information.  

So, if your vacation plans include a visit to Lake Winnipesaukee, exploring Mount Washington and the White Mountains, or sightseeing in Boston an hour away, consider taking in a baseball game in Nashua.  Isn't it wonderful to have more options?

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