With an eye on the food allergy community as a unique group of consumers since 2008, we're on a quest to find and share ways to continue enjoying the good things in life.

About the Author

Food Allergy Buzz is a blog by Jennifer Buteau. It was founded in 2008 a few years after Jennifer's son was diagnosed with peanut and nut allergies.

Jennifer Buteau is a high school special education and science teacher in Massachusetts and cares deeply about her students. In her spare time, Jennifer writes blog posts for Food Allergy Buzz and shares information on Food Allergy Buzz's social media channels. Food Allergy Buzz focuses on consumers with food allergies as a unique consumer group.

Previously, Jennifer worked in international affairs in Washington, DC. She worked in a unique U.S. Department of Treasury Office on a bilateral program with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known as the U.S. -Saudi Arabian Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation. It was one of the best experiences of her life thus far. Prior to working for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, she worked for a non-profit organization that implemented exchange programs for students--both college age and professionals--from the Middle East and North Africa, and human resource development projects with U.S. government funding. Jennifer studied arabic language for about five years but still is limited to arabic for shopping and eating. It's an incredibly challenging language to learn for an English speaker!

Jennifer Buteau enjoys helping others, learning, teaching, writing, baking, reading and exercise. She grew up in Massachusetts and still lives there today, after traveling around a bit after high school, for college, grad school and work. Jennifer studied French throughout her childhood, Bachelor's degree and first Master's degree. She can easily understand French writing and speech; her writing and speaking French is understandable but not exactly fluent.

Her favorite cookies are oatmeal cookies, favorite kind of cake is Midnight Madness from White's Bakery, and favorite chocolates are from Dean's Sweets in Portland, Maine--she has quite a sweet tooth! (Jennifer never says no to product reviews of sweets.)

McGill University, Bachelor of Arts
Central Connecticut State University, Master of Science
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Master of Arts in Teaching


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