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29 September 2008

Vegan and Nut-Free Beauty Products

Have you already heard of Upurea ?  I hadn't until a month or so ago when I came across an interesting press release stating "Upurea...has created a new product advisory icon alerting shoppers who are allergic or sensitive to nuts."  Upurea uses symbols to provide consumers with a quick way to check on particular product features such as whether a product contains nuts, is vegan friendly, is in recycled packaging, or uses organic ingredients.  Based on The Low Down: Upurea.com and the other pages I peeked at, Upurea is growing fast.  In fact, brick and mortar stores are planned for North America and abroad.  It's yet another progressive company hailing from Canada. Perhaps some of our Canadian visitors here can tell us more about it!


Vivian Mahoney said...

This sounds perfect. I've been stressing over all the shampoos, conditioners and lotions with milk and nut products. Plus free shipping--love it.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Unknown said...

I thought it sounded interesting too. I haven't heard from anyone familiar with Upurea yet though. Anyone want to share info re: their shopping experience with Upurea?