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25 August 2008

Interesting Food Allergy Videos

Isn't the internet great?  It's incredible what you can find online.  I recently came upon two particularly good food allergy videos on youtube which you may find interesting.

One is a video from www.faiusa.org (The Food Allergy Initiative).  The description on youtube states "A film of food allergic children produced for general awareness which premiered at the Food Allergy Initiative Northwest inaugural benefit dinner in May 2007."      It was especially interesting to hear what some of the slightly older kids had to say.  I hate to say it was a little sad but...it was.  It gave me that odd lump I get in my throat when I try not to feel emotional about something.  It is well done.

The other video is from wsj.com, and is about the Worry Free Dinners club founded by Sloan Miller.  I really admire Sloan--aka Allergic Girl--and think she is an amazing spokesperson for food allergic individuals and food allergy awareness.  If you have not visited Allergic Girl's blog yet, you really should. She shares her experiences as a food allergic adult and especially her restaurant experiences.  Please don't pass the peanuts is very informative and entertaining! 

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Yes! Sloane is terrific--she gives me hope for my daughter's adult life as a nut-allergic young woman.

Plus, she's really funny!