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10 October 2008

1 Birthday Down, 11 to Go

Phew!  Well, today was a big day here.  We made it through the first classroom celebration of a birthday in my peanut allergic 5-year-old's preschool class (besides ours earlier this week).  I am pleased to report that my peanut allergic child enjoyed his safe cupcake--chocolate with vanilla frosting--which I had provided to the preschool in advance to be stored in the school's freezer.  I remember my kindergarten birthday celebration 30+ years ago.  We had smiley face cookies from Country Crest Bakery in Rhode Island. Everyone happily ate everything with no trouble. Today, I was nervous.  We reviewed the same allergy commandments we review every day before preschool:
  • Only eat food from home, no matter what.
  • Even if another grownup says the snack is safe and has absolutely no peanuts, still only eat the food from home.
  • Even if the snacks the other children eat look very pretty and safe, still only eat the food from home.
  • Even if the snacks the other children eat look just like our safe snack, still only eat the food from home.
  • Why we do only eat food from home?  Because we know for sure that the food from home is safe and we don't really know about other food unless Mommy checks it out.
11 more birthdays to go this school year.  Next weekend, cake decorating class!


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

My little guy goes to pre-school next year. I am enjoying getting to see how others handle it before we have to take the plunge...

Have fun with cake decorating. I got the bug after I made my sons birthday cake, just need the time to get to a class now.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Whew! Amazing how birthday celebrations can be so stressful!

I feel lucky that our elementary school has a policy of no birthday foods, because of the food allergies. Children can bring stickers, pencils, or other non-food birthday treat to celebrate their birthday. Some teachers supply t-shirts and the whole class will create a birthday t-shirt for the child. They don't miss the cupcakes!

Unknown said...

Hey there, Elaine and Vivian, thanks for stopping by!

It sure would be easier if the school did not permit food celebrations. I was nervous because I wasn't going to be there to keep an eye on things. It's that "trusting other people" thing that's probably difficult for all parents but is more complicated when the wrong food could be lethal. For me, that is hard to get past.

When it's an "outside-of-school" party at this tender preschool age, it is SO much easier because I can just hang back and watch. Thankfully, my son has an amazing attitude. He just enjoys people so much, he's perfectly content to eat his own food (for now). He's just so happy to be there.

Anonymous said...

my son is now almost 23 but i remember the years of what seemed like constant baking for school and friend and home birthdays & family holiday gatherings because of all the things he was allergic to (incl.dairy & eggs). I developed a good repertoire of dessert recipes that most other kids liked too, and even tho he's been away from home for 4 + years, we still use those recipes and everyone loves them. My son has always been very appreciative of the extra effort we made to help him feel less treat-deprived; his appreciation has made all the extra work feel worthwhile

Anonymous said...

and every year you'll go through te same routine..same reminders. my son just had a pizza party at lazar zone last week. so we had to go through the no sharing food, eat your fun little bagel with tofutti cream cheese and enjoy your special cupcake. it doesn't seem to faze him and he seems to appreciate the reminders.

Jenny said...

Jennifer B, hope your son had a happy b-day. I know how you feel!

We still go over these rules with my 8-year-old daughter. She may be sick of hearing 'em but I still review! And we're doing OK so far.

Let us know how the cake decorating class turns out.

Doza said...

I'd pay for that Country Crst rye bread recipe.