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21 November 2008

Celebrating Food

We had a visit to a new allergist today, one of the "go to" guys for peanut allergy.  Following a recent blood test and today's skin test, we received some wonderful news--pistachios are back! My five year old may eat pistachios if they are packaged unshelled (in their shells) and are from a facility that does not process or handle peanuts. We were very excited about this news and stopped at the grocery store on the way home to purchase a package of unshelled pistachios. I called the manufacturer to verify that they do not process peanuts and learned they only process almonds and pistachios, so we happily, peacefully, munched on a small handful of pistachios this afternoon.

Pistachios are something of a luxury food, aren't they? They're expensive and they're not part of our everyday diet. What jubilation and celebration must follow news of an outgrown milk allergy or wheat allergy. I can't imagine! With the holiday celebrations drawing nearer, it would be fun to hear how other food allergic families and individuals celebrate growing out of a food allergy and having more food options. What did you do to celebrate?


Karen said...

Although my child has a food allergy, when I out grew most of my mulitiple food allergies we celerbrated as a family with an all you can eat buffet.

At High School there where twenty kids gathered around watching, me eat "real food". Then all out applause as news spread.

I heard one student say "What she is eatting normal food, this I have to see."

Jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer,

Conor just outgrew eggs, and it has been so nice. I think at first I was in denial, and a bit afraid, but since then we have been enjoying our eggs. The first day I made brownies, since I had so much trouble getting them right without eggs. That was our celebration. My other two children are very excited to have scrambled eggs again, and we have been making alot of pancakes with eggs, cookies with eggs, and maybe even an omlet. It is nice that we can have them back for Thanksgiving.

Congrats on having pistachios back!!!


Janine said...

Max outgrowing an egg allergy meant he could have the MMR vaccine. The allergist was confident, the pedi and me, not so much. But after numerous times of eating French toast and eggs successfully, we went for it. With an epipen nearby, and the pedi's office is in a hospital, he had the shot. And he was fine. I celebrated w. a glass of wine that night!