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30 December 2008

Clothing for Food Allergic Kids

Photo courtesy of Allergy Apparel

I recently received an email from a Virginia mother who has started a business selling t-shirts and hoodies for children with food allergies, Allergy Apparel. Theresa's inspiration for the business is her young nut-allergic son. The shirts offer a new option to those in search of "allergy clothing". As Theresa says, the shirts are "great for children to wear during school, special occasions, daycare, visiting grandparents, babysitters...They are not only reminders to your child's caretakers, but they help to raise awareness."  Allergy Apparel shirts feature a cool skull and crossbones design on a black background, and come in short sleeve, long sleeve, and hoody versions. They are available for a variety of allergies such as dairy, eggs, nuts and wheat, and you may even be able to work out a custom message by contacting the owner, Theresa, directly.

For more information on Allergy Apparel, please visit the website at www.allergyapparel.com or send an e-mail to info@allergyapparel.com.

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