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22 January 2009

Free for All Cupcakes

If you visit Food Allergy Buzz frequently enough, you've probably noticed that I have a serious sweet tooth. I love sweets and I love finding new places to try them. A few months ago, I heard about bakery that's just too far away for me to try, but the cupcakes look phenomenal! Go to www.freeforallcupcakes.com and you'll see what I mean. I am hoping I can persuade a few of you down in the DC/Virginia area to try them and then tell us about them. Any takers?

Free for All Cupcakes is a home-based bakery in Fairfax, VA, inspected and certified by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The owners are Jeanny Lee--mother of three girls with nut allergies and previously dairy allergies as well--and her sister Janice Kim. Jeanny explained that because of her daughters' nut allergies, there are no nuts or nut products in their kitchen or anywhere in their home. Like most families with nut allergies, they also try to use ingredients that have not been manufactured on equipment processing nuts. 

The Free for All Cupcakes menu is impressive:
  • original soy-free cupcakes which contain dairy, eggs and gluten
  • organic soy-free cupcakes which contain dairy, eggs and gluten
  • gluten-free cupcakes which are gluten-free and soy-free and contain dairy and eggs
  • vegan cupcakes which are dairy-free and egg-free and contain gluten and soy.
They can also do custom orders for other diet restrictions. Their website, www.freeforallcupcakes.com, provides excellent information too, especially the FAQs page and the Our Kitchen page. For more information, please email Jeanny at freeforallcupcakes@gmail.com or telephone 703.350.2082.

If anyone is interested in doing a "guest review" of Free for All Cupcakes here on Food Allergy Buzz, please email me jenniferATfoodallergybuzz.com. 

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