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24 February 2009

You Don't Need Nuts to Fly

Have you heard about our new group on Facebook, You Don't Need Nuts to Fly? Inspired by Allergic Living's campaign, Jenny of the Nut-Free Mom Blog and I decided to join forces to put together this group in protest of Northwest Airlines' switch to peanuts. It's hard to believe that in these times, an airline would decide to re-introduce peanuts as their in-flight snack. Yes, you heard right--Northwest Airlines has begun serving peanuts again following their purchase by Atlanta-based Delta Airlines. If this policy affects you, your loved ones or your friends, you'll be interested to read the Northwest Airlines policy as outlined in their Tips for Passengers with Peanut Allergies. It's not exactly peanut allergy friendly.

It's really a bit silly because there are so many great alternatives to peanuts! Many airlines serve pretzels instead. That's a fine, agreeable, salty, crunchy snack. Don't like pretzels? How about potato chips? They're crunchy and salty, and many are completely peanut-free and nut-free too.  Several companies make wonderful trail mixes free of peanuts and tree nuts, and a few are free of eggs, dairy, wheat, gluten, sesame, even soy. Not only are they tasty, but it's safe for almost everyone.  There are plenty of options!

If you're visiting Food Allergy Buzz, you are probably aware of all this already! We want to gather as many supporters as we can in our Facebook group, in an effort to make our voices hear by Northwest and other airlines with similar policies. Please consider joining our group, making a statement there and/or contacting Northwest Airlines directly. Tell everyone you know about it--let's make a little noise! Be that squeaky wheel! Northwest's policy affects a lot of people.


Jane Anne said...

I just joined the FB group. I am new to your site and I love it! I will link to you.

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Unknown said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for joining our FB group!

Jenny said...

Jennifer, I'm glad to see that our group is gaining steam!

I hope that it helps get the message out there that peanuts/tree nuts are not necessary for air travel!

Unknown said...

Yeah! Our numbers are growing. Spread the word, gang!