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20 March 2009

Food Allergy Stores Need Your Business

Do you have a favorite food allergy grocery store near you or online where you buy those hard-to-find specialty foods you need? There are only a handful of such stores around the U.S. I know of three brick and mortar stores which also sell online, and there are several online stores as well.

The pioneer food allergy store, Miss Roben's/Allergy Grocer, appears to have closed its doors and no other information about its future is available at this time. One thing is certain, individuals and families with food allergies and other restricted diets already have a difficult time accessing the foods they need. These specialty stores sell hard-to-find foods that often aren't available at neighborhood supermarkets. While specialty foods cost more due to higher quality ingredients and dedicated manufacturing facilities, they provide an irreplaceable convenience to us. Please try to support these specialty retail stores and manufacturers or they will not survive these tough economic times!

The closing of Miss Roben's should be a wake-up call to us. We need to make a special effort to support these food allergy conscious businesses. Many of these companies were founded by food allergic individuals and families. They understand the challenges of living with food allergies because they have experienced it themselves. For many of them, providing allergy friendly products is more than a business to them, it is a passion. When a food allergy conscious manufacturer or retailer closes its doors, it is a loss to the entire food allergy community.


Unknown said...

This is a huge loss! Their phone has been disconnected too. Let's hope they are re-structuring and will be back soon. They have been a great resource to me, especially during those early months when I was looking for safe foods and helpful resources. We need places like Miss Roben's/Allergy Grocer.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear that, I live in Lima Peru, where we don´t have any Gluten or casein free store not even organic, and the only way I keep my baby on the diet was by buying on line Miss Roben´s Products.
Can aanybody help me? I need to find a replacement for Miss Roben´s french bread, Ice cream and pancakes, do you know any other mixes? please let me know!
Thank you all!

Unknown said...

Anonymous, please tell us which allergens you need to avoid so we can give you some tips. Is it just gluten-free, casein-free? Feel free to email me directly at jenniferATfoodallergybuzz.com.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why these stores need your help is that it is only in these stores where variety in the marketplace exists. They collapse and you are left with the top ten best selling bake mixes at your local megamart; no expertise, no connection to the community; no smaller brands. "Better living" is not achieved "through lower prices." Think twice ...

Lekha said...

My husband and I live in North Virginia and we have a son who has very severe multiple food allergies. We wish to start a co-op food allergy store. If there is any individual who is interested in doing this please email me at lekha_e_j@yahoo.com.
Thank you for your support.