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18 March 2009

Sesame Allergy on the Rise

Below is a recent article that I think is important to highlight since sesame allergy seems more and more common, yet it is not a popular food allergy conversation topic. In many other countries, sesame must be identified on food labels as peanuts and tree nuts are. The U.S. does not have the same labeling requirements for sesame, but growing numbers say we should. By the looks of it, FDA's plate is full of labeling issues (among other things!), but it seems it's time to include labeling for sesame and perhaps a few other food allergens on FDA's to-do list. What do you think?

Sesame Allergies on the Rise in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

I think it's high time the FDA get serious about mandating and enforcing appropriate food labeling. We have a right to know exactly what we're eating. One of my pet peeves is the "may contain" label. There are many foods I can't eat because they "may contain" soy. It's like they aren't really sure WHAT they used in it, it coulda been soy??? I hope the FDA gets it right and soon!

Anonymous said...

I think it's important to know what we are eating...period. I'm continually disappointed that our government has not enforced strict guidelines that disclose all ingredients, top eight allergens or not! I wonder when legislators will take notice that Americans are becoming better/wiser consumers and advocates and expect better labeling? I imagine it will happen only after our food allergic children become congressman and congresswoman and they truly make the difference! Great find on the article!

cces said...

I experience an anaphylactic reaction to ingestion of sesame seeds or sesame oil. Each reaction is progressively worse than the one before. I have to carry diphenhydramine with me at all times in case of accidental ingestion. I have had reactions from eating foods that were not properly labeled. This ingredient causes serious problems and food prepares, and manufacturers should be required to list it as an allergen.

Wendy said...

Sesame most definitely needs to be labeled as an allergen on food packaging. More recently even taco chips have sesame in them, something I never had to check before. My reaction is not anaphylactic, but constant vomiting and severe stomach pain which can last for 24 hours. Who should have to put up with this or possibly even death because a food item is not labeled? Bread is obviously a huge problem too because bakers do not watch carefully and some of us will become severely ill from even one stray seed.