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10 March 2009

Update from AFAA on NWA Negotiations

Below is a portion of an email which I received this morning from AFAA regarding ongoing negotiations with Northwest Airlines (NWA) regarding peanut snacks on airplanes. To complete the survey please cut and paste the url below in your browser window or send me an email and I will forward the entire email message to you so you can use the button inside the actual email. Please encourage everyone you know to complete the survey and send letters. Don't forget to visit our Facebook Group, You Don't Need Nuts to Fly. Thank you!

Peanut-Snacks on Airplanes
An Update from the
Anaphylaxis & Food Allergy Association of MN (AFAA)

Negotiations Begin with NWA/Delta

An AFAA delegation - consisting of medical director Dr. Allan Stillerman, AFAA Executive Director Nona Narvaez, retired Star Tribune Travel Editor Catherine Watson, and Minnesota State Senator Jim Carlson - met with the Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Northwest/Delta Airlines on Friday, March 6th. Also attending the meeting was
an aide from U.S. Representative Oberstar's office.

The delegation presented medical information about food allergies; letters, comments, and e-mails from over 270 people; preliminary results of the Peanuts on Airplanes survey; and an extensive list of policy recommendations for the airline to adopt.

"AFAA's goal is to create safer flying conditions for food allergic passengers, and there are a number of improvements that can be adopted by airlines," said Dr. Stillerman, "including - but not limited to - reduction of the presence of peanut allergens on the aircraft."

Some of the provisions advocated by AFAA received favorable reception at the meeting, but all provisions are being evaluated internally by the airline before they officially respond.

"This is the first step in negotiations with the airline," explained Ms. Narvaez. "We will meet again with the airlines to discuss progress on our policy goals."

In the meantime AFAA representatives will continue working with Senator Klobuchar's and Representative Oberstar's staff on this issue, and will keep Minnesota Legislators apprised of developments.

Interested individuals and families are encouraged to take the Peanuts on Airplanes survey, which is open through March 16th, when final results will be tallied. Final results will be shared with policymakers, the airline, the media, and other organizations.

More than 600 people have taken the Peanuts on Airplanes survey. Their comments and the preliminary results of the survey were shared with Northwest/Delta Airlines, with U.S. Congressional Members, and with the Minnesota Legislature. Final results of the survey will be distributed after the survey closes.

Your opinion Matters!

AFAA is encouraging all food allergic individuals and family members to participate in a survey and forward it to others affected by food allergens on airflights. The survey results will be helpful information to relay to the airlines in AFAA's efforts to influence them to accommodate passengers with food allergies.

AFAA is also continuing to collect e-mails and letters to deliver directly to the airline and to the U.S. Department of Transportation Aviation Consumer Protection Division. You are encouraged to submit your opinions and share your experiences on the survey page or at airplanes@minnesotafoodallergy.org.

This e-mail with the survey link can be forwarded to friends and relatives so they may participate also: Use forward button from inside this e-mail or provide them the URL:

The survey will be open until midnight, March 15th.

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