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03 August 2009

Check Out these Food Allergy Websites/Blogs

The Peanut Patrol
One of the new food allergy blogs I keep my eye on is Peanut Patrol, founded by a Toronto area peanut allergy mom. Her aim is provide helpful information on dining out for food allergic individuals residing in and visiting the Toronto vicinity. I especially enjoyed the post entitled Cobourg Beach -- and Hong Kong Gardens, where she presents a recent dining experience with friends and then poses a few questions, looking for feedback from other food allergy families on how they handle similar situations.

It's fun to read about their restaurant experiences and also to get a glimpse of another food allergy family's thought process on eating out, a challenge all food allergic families and individuals face. Peanut Patrol is an informative and enjoyable peek at how one food allergy family maneuvers their way through the potential pitfalls of eating out and has a great time doing it.

Food Allergies to Go
Another relatively new site from a food allergy mom is Food Allergies to Go. Founded by Ann, mother of two grown food allergic children, Food Allergies to Go is a site with all sorts of helpful information based on 22 years of life experience with food allergies. Not surprising, Ann has a wealth of information to share about food allergies at school, at college and at restaurants. One of the most interesting features on this website is their personal "safe" grocery list. This could be a really helpful tool, especially for those new to life with food allergies. We're so fortunate to be able to benefit from the experiences of moms like Ann, who've "been there, done that" before us and are willing to share their tips.

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Jane Anne said...

Thank you for sharing these sites. They are both new to me.