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13 August 2009

Save the Date for the Food Allergy Halloween Twitter Party

Ruth of Best Allergy Sites and I are busy planning the next Twitter Party. The theme for the next party is Halloween, always a topic of much discussion in the food allergy community, especially for those of us with young trick-or-treaters. The party will take place on October 2, time to be determined As in our previous parties, there will be prizes and lots of cool, clever food allergy folks. We hope to see you there! Oh, and don't forget the hashtag: #foodallergy!

Also, Ruth and I are formalizing our joint efforts a little more with a new website, Allergy Allies. The website is still under construction but will be the future home for information about our joint online events and parties. We really enjoy organizing these community building events. It's a great way to connect with other members of the food allergy community from the comfort of your home or office, no matter where you are located.


Ann said...

When my guys were little, I used to go to the 14 houses in our neighborhood and drop off a white envelope with safe candy for my 2 children on halloween afternoon. It gave me a chance to catch up with the neighbors that I did not see on a regular basis.
That same evening, when the boys went out to trick-or-treat, they would come home with mostly safe candy. Through the years, some of the neighbors would add some of their own safe candy and/or an occasional coloring book.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering how you found out that your children had food allergies. I think I went through my hole life with food allergies and I never was tested until recently. I remember being a kit and having the pricks down my arms, and my whole are was swelling up because I was allergic to everything, but I think they had a test out for food when I was little, and if they did I didn't take it. I found this website that led my to me to be able to be tested, but it was a little different, not for food allergies but for food intolorances and sensitivites. It helped a lot: http://www.bodylogicmd.com/nutrition/testing

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the Twitter party on Oct. 2.

Will Allergy Allies be food allergy only, or all allergies?

Unknown said...

Thank you, Ann. You had nice neighbors! :) Halloween is a fun time for kids, and with all the options these days, there's no reason no to enjoy it somehow.

Thanks Anonymous, for stopping by.

Food Allergy Assistant, we haven't strictly defined Allergy Allies. (So many people with food allergies also have environmental allergies too.) The Twitter Parties are so fun, we have been receiving requests from quite a variety of companies and groups.