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06 November 2009

Food Allergies to Go

Back in August, I mentioned www.foodallergiestogo.com as a great resource for food allergic individuals in search of restaurant options. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet Ann, founder of Food Allergies to Go. Ann truly has an incredible wealth of knowledge about living with food allergies and raising a food allergic child. Not only is Ann's website a wonderful, growing resource, but Ann herself is an amazing food allergy resource! If you can think of a food allergy challenge you are encountering or have encountered with your child at school, on playdates, at restaurants, with relatives, I bet Ann has run into it too. With both her children now grown, Ann is able provide the kind of wise perspective one gains only with experience. Those of us in the early stages of our journey with food allergies are fortunate in that we can benefit from Ann's experience and her website. Another really cool thing? Food Allergies to Go is a labor of love--Ann is doing it to help others. Few things are as inspiring to me as a go-getter Food Allergy Mom! Go Ann!

On Food Allergies to Go, Ann is creating a database of restaurant information for those with food allergies based on her family's experience and yours! If you have a restaurant experience you would like to share--good or bad--please record your restaurant story in the form here for inclusion on www.foodallergiestogo.com. If you discovered a particularly good location of chain restaurant or an especially bad one, found a great neighborhood cafe or a local treasure, this is the sort of information that we all could use for our business travels, vacations, etc. It's word of mouth on a much bigger scale. Restaurant tips for those with food allergies don't need to be limited to your local support group, share them with everyone at www.foodallergiestogo.com.

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