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06 January 2010

Everything is Relative

For me, the internet has been fantastic for learning more about my son's peanut allergy and finding safe goodies for him to enjoy from dedicated facilities. Despite allergen labeling, getting the skinny on facilities and equipment is always a bit more challenging. Usually, however, I find someone else has already much of the leg work for me and then I can do my due diligence and verify the details with the manufacturer.

The internet is also a great place to remind yourself of how everything is relative. We're headed to the dentist this morning and I remember how the dentist office reacted when I expressed concerns about peanut and/or peanut oil possibly being in the toothpaste. Imagine how the conversation would go if you or your child were allergic to the powder on the gloves dental hygienists wear, as described in Open Wide on Corn Allergic: What I Reacted to Today. That could be very challenging! Yet, Christine shares the challenges of living with a corn allergy with grace and a sense of humor. She has a great blog with thought-provoking, well-written posts and a healthy attitude too--a must read for those who frequent food allergy blogs!

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