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16 March 2010

Amazing Allergy Friendly Easter Treats From Allergy Grocer

     Take a look at Allergy Grocer's selection of allergy friendly Easter treats! So many to choose from...

Whizzer’s Chocolate Speckled Eggs - Delicious rich chocolate "egg" shaped candies with a crisp candy shell.  Vegan treats with no gluten, wheat, dairy or artificial colors or preservatives.
Whizzer’s Chocolate Beans - The vegan answer to many of those chocolate favorites. These delicious vegan treats with no gluten, dairy, or artificial colors or preservatives will delight chocoholics everywhere. Imported from England and made with non-bone-char-processed beet sugar.
Gimbal's Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans - Gimbal's "41 Flavors" Gourmet Jelly Beans from Gimbal's Fine Candies in Easter cellophane bag.  Gimbal's plant and products are free of nuts, gluten, dairy, egg, gelatin, and trans fat.

Honey Acres Chocolate Honey Mints - Chocolate Honey Mints Wrapped in spring ribbon; a delicious combination of honey and chocolate. This product does not contain milk or soy, but the chocolate comes from a facility that uses milk and soy ingredients in other products.  Produced in a nut free environment.
Kettle Valley Organic Fruit Snacks Great tasting treat and healthy too…  Kettle Valley Organic Fruit Snacks contain no preservatives or added sugar, no artificial flavors or colors. Available in 6 flavors.  Each snack is made with 100% fruit and contains 1 organic apple.

College Farms Naturepops -  College Farms Organic Naturepops are tasty lollipops made with real fruit flavors and natural colors. Nothing artificial, no preservatives, and free from Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Nuts.

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