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20 April 2011

Merlin Bunnies Missing

For the past few years, I snuck out to CVS without the kids and bought Merlin's Chocolate Bunnies for Easter. They were dirt cheap and nut-free, a win-win situation. This year, I could not find them. Thankfully, we have some lovely options that are nut-free and peanut-free and can be ordered online. Ours just arrived a few days ago in the mail, and are waiting to be gobbled up starting Sunday.

I found a small news article about the fate of Merlin's Candies, for those of you who are interested: R.M. Palmer Co Makes Sweet Deal.

1 comment:

Ed Kern said...

The bunnies are back this year (2012) but are no longer made in a nut-free facility. :(