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23 July 2011

Vote for KFA!

I got this in my email today. Check it out!

Vote & Donate Today The Vivint Gives Back Project Will Match Your Donation Until 4 p.m. 
Update: Thanks to all who have donated. With your help we've raised $2,100 so far!The matching donation period will run through 4 p.m. today (Eastern time), so if you haven't yet donated, there is still time to do so.

Why donate? Every day, we get phone calls and emails from parents who value how we help them keep their children safe and healthy by offering practical day-to-day help to manage food allergies and to improve their whole family's quality of life.

Today is your chance to give back.

In addition to voting for KFA, the 
Vivint Gives Back Project will match your donation made to the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation up to $50 on July 22 and 23. You can donate by going to KFA's voting page and clicking on the 'donate' button. The process is simple and you will receive a receipt for your donation.

We urge you to take the time now to go to 
http://www.vivint.com/givesbackproject/charity/1548. Remember, your gift will have extra impact because it will be doubled.

Kids With Food Allergies Foundation is dedicated to improving the day-to-day lives of families raising children with food allergies and empowering them to create a safe and healthy future for their children. Your donation will be used to keep children with food allergies safe and healthy through education and support efforts for their families.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Click here to vote and to double your donation today!

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