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12 January 2012

What Will You Buy at the Store? Cheerios?

What is your opinion about the new Peanut Butter Cheerios? Please complete our brief survey. Thanks!


dannyscotland said...

I wish there was a space to clarify. I don't eat Cheerios now, so I wouldn't buy them anyway. My daughter doesn't like them. So really it doesn't affect us, but it does affect other people. I don't think it's a great move on their part, but there are so many foods out there with peanut butter,. While on the one hand I think it's not fair to deny non-peanut allergic people, Cheerios is in fact a staple in many kids' breakfast diets. I guess I'm on the fence about it.

Colette said...

Jennifer, I was about to take your survey, and didn't complete it -- because you didn't ask whether I would have bought Cheerios BEFORE the new peanut cheerios -- and the answer is no, I was already not buying Cheerios. If I had answered your survey, it would have sounded like I bought them before and changed my mind.

Unknown said...

Thanks DannyScotland and Colette for your comments. I had considered adding a question where respondents could provide an explanation for their answers. I decided against it since I mainly want to get a very basic sense of whether the fact that PB Cheerios are now sold will cause consumers who had previously bought Cheerios to stop buying Cheerios or just multi-grain Cheerios. I have to admit right off-the-bat, the survey is not very scientific. I always shy away from quantitative research since statistics isn't my thing!

I am still trying to decide how I myself feel about Cheerios. I think I need to know more about cross-contamination and whether the multi-grain Cheerios are made int he same facility or same lines as the other Cheerios.

Erin said...

I was so dissapointed to see PB Cheerios...mostly because I think of all the times we are around kids eating Cheerios; at church, at the park, every where.. its an easy "to go" snack. While we dont really eat them now everytime I see other kids eating them I am going to wonder what kind of Cheerios they are and if they could potentially harm my child if she is touched or comes into contact with them. Just sad that PB has to be added to everything.