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05 March 2012

Food Allergy Groceries: Allergy Grocer and Miss Roben's

The closing of Allergy Grocer has left such a void. It was a store for so many food allergic individuals and families to find the unique and elusive items needed for their restrictive diets. Every day, people still search on Google for Allergy Grocer and Miss Roben's. A bunch of newer online food allergy specialty food stores have disappeared as well. I know this for a fact because a bunch of those searching end up here, reading an old post about the grand re-opening of Allergy Grocer back in 2009. The economy, the greater availability of food allergy friendly foods, more competition in the marketplace--there are many reasons why Allergy Grocer and other newer stores have disappeared, as described in a post entitled Crying in my soy milk over Allergy Grocer closing by Caroline of www.gratefulfoodie.com.

Navan Foods of Virginia Beach recently noted on their blog that there is no news yet from the new owner of Miss Roben's. In the meantime, many in the food allergy community still await the return of Miss Roben's mixes. I can't help but wonder what the hold-up is and if we'll ever see Miss Roben's products again.

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Colette said...

I am very grateful for all of the food allergy vendors that we do have.