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17 April 2012

Peanut Allergy Friendly Baseball 2012

First, thank you to all the food allergy support groups, individuals, and major and minor leagues baseball teams that have made peanut allergy friendly seating available this season! 

It has been quite a season for peanut allergy friendly baseball already! I've heard from major and minor league teams, U.S. and Canadian newspapers, food allergy support groups, and lots of fans. This marks my fourth season tracking peanut allergy friendly baseball, and it is getting more attention than ever! There are peanut-free games, peanut-free zones, peanut-controlled seating areas, peanut-safe zones, peanut allergy suites...all sorts of arrangements and names for the generous accommodations made by baseball teams this year. If you support any sort of peanut allergy accommodation at baseball games, please show your support by "LIKE-ing" the Free to Enjoy Baseball (peanutfreebaseball.com) Facebook page. It's the one place fans and supporters of peanut allergy friendly baseball games for all the minor and major league teams can meet and exchange info.

We are still awaiting info regarding peanut allergy accommodations for the Red Sox (my home team!) as well as a few other teams--fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, LA Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, and the Toronto Blue Jays have all been in touch. I'm hoping our support will yield a peanut allergy friendly announcement from those teams and others. Fans of both the San Francisco Giants and the Toronto Blue Jays have established Facebook pages to help show their numbers--please consider "LIKE-ing" those pages to show your support.

If you attend a peanut allergy friendly game, please be sure to share a photo of your day or night at the game on the peanutfreebaseball.com Facebook page.  Play ball!

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David Burmeister said...

That's really a growing problem with baseball venues these days. At first I thought it would be worse to see people being affected by all the dust in the air at baseball games, but allergies from stadium food seems to be more prevalent now.