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01 May 2012

Food Allergies at the Movie Theater

Several months ago, I noticed how many visitors to Food Allergy Buzz arrive here as a result of a Google search for information about "food allergies and movie theater", especially "dairy allergy". I wrote to more than 10 cinema/movie theater chains to inquire about the popcorn sold at the concession stands a few months ago. Guess how many replies I received? None!

So, I can only conclude dairy allergic moviegoers are on their own when it comes to figuring out just what is on that popcorn. I'm not sure how helpful the teenagers behind the concession stand at our local theater could be in this regard. As you know, we have peanut and nut allergies in our house, but not dairy. So I put the question out to you, Food Allergy Buzz readers: what's the story with movie theater popcorn "butter"? Are certain chains "known" to have "safe" popcorn? Do you have to just check theater by theater? I think your answers could help a great many people! 

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