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24 May 2012

Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival: May 2012 Edition

Welcome to the May 2012 Edition of the Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival. We have some really interesting posts to share with you during this Allergy Awareness Month!

Elyse of Following Him shares Happy Being Me. I really admire her perspective and positive attitude and think you will too!

Jenny of The Nut-Free Mom offers an excellent and very well-written analogy on food allergy parenting in Thought for Mother's Day: Food Allergy Parenting is Like "Finding Nemo"

She also shares the new Nut-Free Mom Cake Photo Gallery--a must see!--and the first installment of a new regular feature on her blog!

Joanne of Food Allergy Assistant provides a super round-up of food allergy cooking and baking resources in Best Food Resource Books for Cooking and Baking.

Another good piece of advice offered by Food Allergy Assistant is to make sure you are getting news of food recalls. Take a look at Food Allergy Recalls; Food Allergy Assistant lists several sites where you can sign up for recall alerts.

"What CAN you eat?" is a question many folks with multiple food allergies are used to hearing. Gluten Free Froggie in the Kitchen (don't you LOVE the name of her blog?!) cheerfully shares her experience.

Karen of Avoiding Milk Blog and Chemurgy and Allergens Blog is an amazing font of knowledge! Check out Sunscreen and Tanning Products that Contain Nuts. She talks about "spray tans containing walnut shells, sunscreens that contain various nut oils, all dangers for those with nut allergies."

Finally, I thought I'd share a post entitled Food Allergies at the Movie Theater. We don't buy any food at the concession stand. Do you?

Thanks to the bloggers for their great posts! If you missed this month, you can always submit a post next month. Join our Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival Facebook Page to keep up with our calendar or to find out more about the Blog Carnival. Just send me an email, jennifer{at}foodallergybuzz{dot}com to participate, host, or for more info. Thanks in advance to www.stacymolter.com for being our host next month!

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