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25 July 2012

Food Allergy Find: Kosher Food Allergy Blogsite

About two months ago, I was at a loss when a mom at the school playground asked where she could purchase Kosher gluten-free challah bread. I put the question out to the masses on Twitter and was glad to receive some helpful answers. Now, I know where to look for Kosher food allergy friendly food recommendations: Kosher with Food Allergies.

Founded by Tamar Warga, the new blog/website aims to help the Kosher food allergic community. She explains that her new site is "filled with timely, helpful, and Jewish-minded allergy survival skills. Tips, strategies, and recipes abound. Website offerings include food allergy organizations, camp/school info, feeding resources for allergic babies, specific allergen info, an allergy friendly restaurant directory, a Passover section, money-saving coupons, and much more." The site sounds like it is going to be a very comprehensive resource.

I'm looking forward to following Kosher with Food Allergies and especially learning about any new Kosher food allergy friendly products. Please stop by and check it out. The url is http://kosherfoodallergies.blogspot.com/

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