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03 August 2012

Epipens Patient Assistance Program

The cost of Epipens is always a popular topic. Lately, about 10% of all visitors to Food Allergy Buzz are in search of information about Epipens, and nearly all of those visitors are looking for information regarding cost. Caroline of The Grateful Foodie was right on target when she wrote her recent post entitled Eureka...I found the Epipen Assistance Program". (Kudos to Caroline for such a timely and helpful post!) Getting ready for the new school year with food allergies can be costly if you  have to purchase 2 or 4 (or more) epipens out of pocket. 

There is a Patient Assistance program. To find out if you qualify for Mylan's Patient Assistance, call 1-800-395-3376. I do not have information on eligibility requirements. For some reason, however, I have a vague memory of Dey's old Patient Assistance program requiring that you not have insurance, among other things. If anyone has recent experience with this program and would be comfortable sharing, it would be very helpful to many.

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