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21 September 2012

Food Allergy School Tip

Do you have a child with food allergies who is in school? I was reminded recently, when I visited the school cafeteria, that the allergy lunch tables should be cleaned with a different cloth than the non-allergy lunch tables or at least, cleaned first. This helps prevent cross-contamination from the non-allergy lunch tables. For example, if your kiddo is eating a the peanut-free table because of a peanut allergy, it doesn't help if the custodian cleans tables where the kids eat PB&J or peanut butter and crackers and then uses the same cloth for your kid's peanut-free table. Same is true for other allergens. If you haven't checked in with your school caf in a while to see what the cleaning procedures are, now might be a good time to get an update. School staff can change from year to year, and cleaning procedures too. It's always good to check in and make sure things are the way they should be, as much as that's possible.

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