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08 October 2012

Food Allergies Get You Down? Think of Dory

This weekend, my 9 year old son really wanted onion rings. Unfortunately, I could not find any that were clearly made in a peanut-free nut-free facility at any of the grocery stores near us . In the past, we were lucky and found Ian's onion rings, but no luck this time. So, he had to go without, and anyone who manages food allergies knows how frustrating it can be not to find a safe version of whatever it is you're craving. This is par for the course with food allergies. His eyes watered with frustration and disappointment, but he did not cry. Now, I'm on a mission to locate Ian's frozen onion rings within easy driving distance or find a safe alternative.

Food allergy moms frequently discuss the heartbreak their children feel from not being able to eat what the other kids eat or at being excluded at school or other activities. It's so difficult for our children and it is painful for us to watch. Earlier today, a friend on Facebook was talking about wishing there were a magic wand to make life's problems disappear. No magic wand exists so we must just keep on going forward, and confront life's challenges, be they food allergies or something else. It isn't easy, but I like to think of Dory, in Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming..."

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