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16 October 2012

Food Allergy Friendly Halloween Round-Up

A & J Bakery:"Treat your palate to indescribable tastes and flavors from A & J Bakery, a new family-owned-and-operated Nut Free bakery with more than 25 years' combined experience. From Biscotti to a myriad of Cookie Trays, and custom birthday cakes, our goods are both affordable and creative—there's nothing in our selection that will displease your taste buds!"

Note: A&J is nut-free and gluten-free, and is one of the few places you can find nut-free and gluten-free candy corn. Better hurry tho!

Fancypants Bakery: "All Natural, Nut Free and Delicious! Fancypants Baking Co. proudly bakes delicious, hand-crafted cookies that are 100% natural and completely nut-free. Using only the finest ingredients, talented artisans design an array our gourmet cookies (a true labor of love) that taste as great as they look. For a truly special gift, we will ship a collection of our distinctive cookies in an elegant box anywhere in the country!"

So Lucky Gifts: "We are a business that provides all gourmet gluten free gifts beautifully giftwrapped! We have multiple items that are allergy friendly, gluten free and dairy free and are continually working to offer a more allergy friendly selection."

Sweet Alexis: "All Sweet Alexis products are PNF, NF, EF and DF! We do not use preservatives or fillers and all of our products are also Vegan. We ship nationally (cupcakes ship with frosting on the side - sprinkles not included). Both are fresh baked and sold sell by the dozen."

How were these fine folks selected for this post, you wonder? They asked! You can be included too if you hurry and send me your info, if you are a food allergy friendly business with Halloween treats or a food allergy friend who has a recipe, post, craft, tips to share! Just email me at jenniferATfoodallergybuzzDOT com. 

Thanks to everyone who participated! Happy Halloween!

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1 comment:

Anna O said...

Thank you so much for this! I am going to make some for my friends who cannot digest gluten, they are always unhappy when they watch me scoff down candy and they can't eat all the usual goodies. Can't wait!