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01 October 2012

Food Allergy Friendly Halloween: Share with Us

It's October 1 and Halloween is just around the corner! 

This post is about two of Food Allergy Buzz's primary aims:

  • connecting food allergy friendly businesses and consumers managing food allergies AND
  • food allergy community building and sharing
I'm working on a Halloween round-up post which will be a chance for you to toot your horn! This is one occasion when it is ok to brag! So, food allergy friendly businesses, please tell us what treats and specials you are offering for this Halloween! And food allergy bloggers, families and friends, send us your favorite food allergy friendly Halloween recipes, crafts or tips. You can even share a photo of last Halloween's treats or crafts, etc.

Please email your item to share or brag about to me at jennifer[at]foodallergybuzz[dot]com, your name and a link (if you have one) by October 8, 2012, and Food Allergy Buzz will help toot your horn a little later this month!

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