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23 January 2013

Food Allergy News: peanutfreebaseball.com Celebrates Its 5th season!

This spring marks the 5th anniversary of peanutfreebaseball.com, the sister site of Food Allergy Buzz. It's hard to believe I've been tracking peanut free baseball and peanut allergy accommodations at baseball games (and other sports too, by the way!) for 5 years. Every year, there are more games offering accommodations to individuals with peanut allergy. Major and minor league teams, allergists' officea, allergy support groups and individual fans all help keep peanutfreebaseball.com in the loop. It's the one site where fans with peanut allergies can come to find out about peanut allergy accommodations at baseball games around the U.S. and Canada, and I'm really proud of that!

Please continue to send your peanut allergy friendly baseball (and other sports) news, info and photos to jennifer[at]foodallergybuzz[dot]com. Be sure to LIKE our peanutfreebaseball.com Facebook page since I can quickly post ticket info on FB a bit faster than here on the blog, and be sure to follow us on Twitter too--peanutfreebaseball.com has its own Twitter handle now: @pnutfreebasebal (couldn't fit the 2nd "l").

Thinking of warm spring days and baseball...

Happy 5th Anniversary peanutfreebaseball.com!

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