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13 February 2013

Food Allergy Consumer Product Review: Eleni's Cookies of NYC

Have you heard of Eleni's Cookies of NYC? Eleni's cookies are not what you think of when you think of cookies or even bakery cookies. They are fancy hand-iced cookies that come in incredible designs. The icing designs are really cookie works of art. You may have seen their Oscar cookies which feature hand-iced portraits of Hollywood celebrities.

Back in 2010, Eleni's switched to being a nut-free, peanut-free facility. They have a no nuts/peanuts policy for employees and visitors and also use environmental testing swabs to test for the presence of peanuts and tree nuts. Eleni's is also Kosher.

They recently contacted Food Allergy Buzz for us to try their new Color Me cookies. The Color Me cookie line is fantastic for kids. What sets them apart from any other nut-free/peanut-free cookies? You can color ON the cookies! We received a lovely package with a box containing 4 iced heart-shaped cookies and a set of markers with nut-free, peanut-free edible ink. What a great gift, and such fun for the kids!

We also had the opportunity to try Eleni's new crisps cookies, which are available from Eleni's website and stores and also at some Whole Foods Markets stores in the New York Area. We tried two flavors: chocolate chip and oatmeal chocolate chip. These thin, crispy cookies taste great. The chocolate chip variety was our favorite.

The FAB Review: Color Me Collection
Dedicated facility: Yes. Peanut-free, nut-free, Kosher facility.
Appearance: Eye-catching, pretty packaging. Perfectly shaped/perfectly iced cookies that were easy to draw on with the edible ink markers.
Taste: Sweet buttery sugar cookies. The icing was perfect--not too sweet.
Texture: Crunchy.
Convenience: Available online at http://elenis.com. Price varies depending on item chosen.
Buy again? Yes, perhaps as a gift for someone else, especially with children.

FYI: Eleni's has a special now, 40% off with the code COLORME40 at checkout.

The FAB Review: Crisps Collection
Dedicated facility: Yes. Peanut-free, nut-free, Kosher facility.
Appearance: Attractive neat little boxes, containing plastic see-thru cylinder holding cookies. Perfectly round cookies.
Taste: Tasty! Hard to eat just one. 
Texture: Crunchy and crispy, as promised.
Convenience: Available at Eleni's stores, online at http://elenis.com, and also in some Whole Foods Markets in the New York area. $5.95 for a box of 6 cookies.
Buy again? Yes.

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Gratefulfoodie said...

Thanks again for another good blog post! I've always wanted to try Eleni's cookies but was leary if they really understood food allergies. Now I know!