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11 March 2013

Food Allergy Allergy Friendly Food Tip: Ray's New York Bagels

Ray's New York Bagels has been on my family's "safe" food list for several years because they do not use peanuts and tree nuts. I was pleasantly surprised by their recent packaging change. The package now states "Our bakeries are completely nut free and dairy free". I always feel better seeing it in writing, as opposed to just taking a customer service rep's word for it over the phone. Ray's are the best frozen bagels I've tried. My sons and I can't decide if the Everything Bagels or Plain ones are our favorites. It's a toss-up! By the way, Ray's are Kosher Parve, and come six in a package.


MMH said...

Do they use sesame? My son has a sesame allergy in addition to peanut and tree nut. He loves bagels and definitely misses them.

Gratefulfoodie said...

Is this a local bakery or store bought? My nut allergic son would trade in his younger sister for a bagel.