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03 March 2013

Food Allergy Friendly Find: "Cotton Tails" by Tootsie

Have you seen this Tootise product before? It's Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails.

I found it at Michael's yesterday. I just happened to look at the candy near the cash register. I found the allergen labeling on it before I noticed it was made by Tootsie. I love Tootsie labels; they are so clear. The back of the package states: "Produced in a facility that does not use peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or gluten."

I didn't even realize Tootise made cotton candy. According to Tootsie's website, "Fluffy Stuff" is available year-round and in seasonal varieties, like these "Cotton Tails" for Easter.

Another hit with the kids, made by Tootsie!

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