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25 April 2013

Documentary Review: Genetic Roulette

Thanks to +Leah Segedie (known as @bookieboo on Twitter), I recently had the opportunity to watch Jeffrey Smith's Genetic Roulette, a superb documentary about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It was, to put it mildly, eye opening.
I knew that organic fruit and veggies don't contain harmful pesticides, which is a good thing. I didn't really have much of an awareness of the side effects of GMOs on our food, on livestock, on lab animals, and on us! I didn't really know that increases in different chronic illnesses in society coincide time-wise with use of GMOs. I didn't know that there was so much proof--in numerous studies and farmers' and veterinarians' observations on farms--that GMOs apparently affect reproduction, fertility, the digestive system, the immune system, etc. in animals. I wasn't aware that the effects of GMOs were so apparent in animals, that switching to and from GMO feed resulted in quick, very visible, unmistakable changes in the animals' health. I also did not realize--though I am not surprised--that many biotechnology executives now are U.S. government officials in fairly high, powerful positions. It really made me think.
Genetic Roulette is a powerful and informative film that explains GMOs and their effects very simply and clearly. There are many reputable experts included and many studies cited. It's full of facts and evidence. As a mother of 2 growing boys--one of whom has life threatening food allergies, asthma and eczema--I am always very conscious of what we are eating, but now, I want to learn even more about my food. I want to arm myself with more information about what I am putting in my grocery cart and on my children's dinner plates, and hopefully, prevent any further harm from our food. I highly recommend watching this incredibly compelling documentary.
Additional reading on GMOs
There is quite a lot of information written on this subject. Just do a Google search for GMOs and select only the News. You will see there is a new article on GMOs every couple days. Here are a few links you may find interesting:
Note: I did not receive any compensation for this review other than an opportunity to watch the documentary at no cost.

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