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19 July 2013

Food Allergies and Life: Ending the Week on the "Sunny Side"

Food Allergy Buzz has been quiet lately, with life off-line demanding more than usual.  It's time, however, to get back on track and online again!

A great food allergy find I did manage to spot recently and hopefully you have too is FARE's first free educational webinar. The first webinar is "Supporting Children, Adolescents and Parents in the Daily Management of Food Allergies." It is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14 at 1 PM EDT. Here is the link to register. I'm looking forward to it!

You don't have to look far, especially on Twitter or Facebook, to see a lot of laments from moms and others managing food allergies. It can be discouraging and life can be overwhelming at times. The crazy summer weather doesn't help! Below is a video of a folk song for "Keep on the Sunny Side", it's all about thinking positive. The video looks a bit out of date (that's putting it mildly!), but the lyrics are great. Have a wonderful weekend!

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