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30 April 2014

Food Allergy Accommodations at Some Baseball Games Still Pending

I usually post information about peanut allergy accommodations at baseball games on my second blog, Free to Enjoy Baseball (and more!), but I want to bring more attention to this subject. I maintain a list of peanut and other food allergy accommodations at baseball games on peanufreebaseball.com with the assistance of food allergy friends all around North America, as well as the teams themselves in many cases.

I am sure peanutfreebaseball.com must be missing a few games, so if you know of some that I haven't listed, please shoot me an email or message me with the deets so all interested food allergy friends can find the info on peanutfreebaseball.com. It is the one blog/site dedicated to sharing information about food allergy accommodations at baseball games and even other sports games!

Below is a list of the Twitter handles for some teams which still have not publicly announced any peanut or food allergy accommodations, to my knowledge. Please let me know if I've got any wrong!


I truly believe in strength in numbers, so please email, tweet, message these teams to let them know you are interested in peanut/food allergy accommodations. Almost every major league baseball team offers some accommodations now, and many minor leagues teams too! Every year, I receive emails, messages and photos from happy fans with food allergies who have attended a baseball game thanks to these special accommodations. Wouldn't it be great to see this for every major and minor league team??

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