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08 April 2014

Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival - Belated March 2014 Edition

I have been waiting to post the March Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival but the site has been down for many days now! I think I have given up on the blog carnival website. It is fraught with too many technical problems. It's just as well. I think the blog carnival or blog hop concept is getting a bit old-fashioned in this fast-moving world of social media. Time for something new! (But what?! Stay tuned!)

For now, I give you a few choice posts from a few of the top food allergy bloggers and me. The theme for March 2014 was: food allergy cross-contamination.

From Lauren of Our Life as an Epi-Family, we have Reading Labels for Food Allergies: The Case of the Dino Nuggets.

Homa, of Oh Ma Deehness sent in Shared Equipment & Facilities and Food Allergy.

Multiple Food Allergy Help's Jenny shared Food Allergy Science Fair Project.

For my part, take a look at my recent post Cross-Contamination with a Keurig and an older post, Allergen-Free: What Does That Mean?

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