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22 May 2014

Food Allergies: Back to Basics in the Kitchen

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Have you ever noticed that people spend a fortune on the latest jazzy kitchen appliances/gadgets and they just sit at the back of the cupboard collecting dust? Another habit is buying stuff out of panic and then realising you have several of the same items.

The basic kitchen necessities you actually need cost next to nothing and can be used regularly to cook everyday meals. So, it may be worth investing

 more in a couple of items that you will use all the time, but stick to the basic ranges you can find online and save yourself the time and money.

You don’t need that to buy that many items or spend much money in your kitchen to cook tasty meals. For example, kitchen essentials such as baking dishes and roasting tins which are purchased from the right place can be both cheap and durable. If you stick to the bare necessities you can save precious cupboard space to keep your kitchen tidier or to fill up with items on a big shop!

Websites such as Viners Cook & Dine offers a wide range of affordable Cookware and Bakeware from known brands that can help you buy the kitchen necessities that you need.

The Most Important Kitchen Utensil
The kitchen utensil that is most important to your household is the kitchen cleaner that you use. Remember that the most vital part of making a meal when living with a person who has a food allergy is ensuring that everything is thoroughly cleaned and washed properly to avoid contamination.

People living in the same household generally cook different meals at different times of the day, so everyone needs to employ the same procedure for cleaning pots and pans and food preparation equipment otherwise there will be a chance of contamination.

Even the smallest amount of an ingredient can trigger a food allergy reaction so having a pristine cooking area is the best approach. Look on the FARE website for more advice and information about how to clean a kitchen if you or a person you’re living with has a food allergy.

If you introduce a cleaning regime that suits everybody in the house then you will find it easier to manage if you only have a few pots/pans. You may also consider purchasing items that will be easier to clean as oppose to those jazzy kitchen appliances that have a lot of parts and edges!
Guest post by Alisan McCallum

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