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21 August 2014

Food Allergy Research at EMU: Please Participate in This Survey

Below is information from Eastern Michigan University about a pediatric psychology study related to food allergies which is being conducted currently. Please take a look and consider participating!

The goal of this research project is to learn more about how families cope with children’s severe food allergies so that we can design interventions for children and families that are needed and parent-informed. Some examples of interventions that psychologists might provide to families of children with allergies include: support groups; mobile “apps” that provide parents with allergy information; tools or checklists to help children entering a new school setting; or online behavior-management programs to teach parents how to help their child manage their allergy in social situations or firmly refuse risky foods. But we need to hear from parents to know where to start in developing better interventions; for example, some parents may want written information about allergies in schools, whereas other parents may want emotional support to help manage their own worry about their child. Some parents may want to receive this information through a doctor’s office, whereas others may want to use internet-based or mobile technology only. Other diseases, like diabetes and cancer, are the subject of many research studies, but there is very little research focusing on psychological support for the food allergy population.
By completing this survey, parents will be helping us to learn about what parents of children with food allergies need and how they wish to receive information and support. Parents will be asked to answer questions about their child’s allergies (including allergens, reactions, self-care), their allergy knowledge, the effect on family activities, worry, confidence in managing allergies, and information needs. Parent responses will remain anonymous and will not be linked to a name. Parents can receive a $10 gift card as a thank you for participation by clicking on a separate, secure survey link at the end of the survey to enter your address. This study has been approved by the Eastern Michigan University Human Subjects committee (#140609).

Thank you again for your interest in our research study! Parents can access the survey at the following link:

Should you have any additional comments or questions, or any difficulties accessing the survey, please e-mail us at EMUpedspsych@gmail.com.

Thank you!

The EMU Pediatric Psychology Research Lab
Catherine Peterson, Ph.D.


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