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24 April 2015

Food Allergy Bullying Must Stop

In the wee hours of the morning the other day, I received a heart moving message from a mom of young man with life threatening peanut allergy. Kenya Baldwin Swiss asked me to share her message to bring attention to the very serious problem of food allergy bullying. I am sharing her message below and have kept the names in the message as she requested. The pain is palpable. Food allergy bullying must be stopped.

"Over the past 4 years, especially during baseball season, the Food Allergy Bullying cranks up in high gear. The insults, the players & parents with no conscience, allowing a player, team captain--a kid, to feel he's unsafe. Those who have watched silently & not stood up and to those who seem to find pleasure in being hurtful and more disturbing thinking it's funny to purposefully have peanuts/treenuts that are life-threatening around Jordan Swiss. Is it so important to make your point, that you can't omit nuts for the 2 hours of a baseball game? Are you really willing to risk Jordan's life? You have ridiculed with no remorse. You know who you all are. To you I say......you ought to be ashamed...

To those who understand, we hope you will help us raise awareness by sharing this post. Jordan's journey will be going public very soon. It starts in sharing....we hope his story can help kids who have been dealing with food allergy bullying. We hope you can help his goal to raise awareness by sharing our post."

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