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11 July 2015

Food Allergy Consumer: Philly Swirl

My two sons and I enjoyed sampling Philly Swirl products and are very happy to share our experience with you! Philly Swirl was even kind enough to send their frozen treats direct to us, which was both impressive and exciting on a warm summer day. We found each Philly Swirl product to be as delicious and fun to eat as the next. The flavors are different than Popsicles or other freeze pops-- distinct fruity combinations and the CottonCandy flavor actually tastes like cotton candy! Some of the flavors include: Rainbow, CottonCandy, Sunburst, Hurricane, CherryMelon, and Blueberry Jam. Not only are Philly Swirls tasty but they are also dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free (except for coconut), egg free, soy free, and fat free, and are manufactured in a peanut free facility. The facility is also tree nut free, except for coconut. 

In their email to me, Philly Swirl stated:

"PhillySwirl frozen novelties are free of the top 8 allergens and are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility.
  • Fat Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut/Tree Nut Free (with the exception of coconut)
  • No high fructose corn syrup"
They also sent the following information:

"Our products are manufactured in a dedicated peanut-free facility on lines that also run dairy. Before manufacturing the PhillySwirl products without dairy, the lines are cleaned with our CIP system on a daily basis and sanitized before start up. We use a Neogen Reveal 3D Total milk test kit after each dairy run before we start a regular run. We run the dairy products at the end of a day, then clean up before a regular run. PhillySwirl is also egg-free and soy-free. "
In addition, if you are counting calories: a Swirl Popper is only 68 calories, a Philly Swirl cup with  Candy Spoon is 98 calories, and a Swirl Stix is  only 48 calories.

We think Philly Swirl is fantastic. They are free of the top 8 allergens, taste delicious and are a wonderful refreshing frozen treat!

FAB Review: Philly Swirl
Dedicated Facility: Yes. Package states: "Manufactured in a Peanut Free Facility"

Appearance: Eye catching purple box in freezer section with photos of product on package. Clear easy to find labeling states "GLUTEN FREE", "FAT FREE","DAIRY FREE", "PEANUT FREE" and Kosher Pareve. The package has a "Best by" date approximately 2 years from present.

Taste: Sweet, refreshing, and delicious! All of the flavors are excellent. My two sons and I each have a different favorite flavor; our favorite flavors are Rainbow, Orange Dream, and Cotton Candy. We tried Swirl Popperz (8 in a box), Original Philly Swirl Italian Ice Swirls with Candy Spoonz (6 in a box), and  Swirl Stix (6 in a box).

Texture: Just right! Easy and fun to bite or eat with a candy spoon, and they don't melt too quickly.

Convenience: Available at many supermarkets around the U.S. They are currently on sale at my local supermarkets in southeastern Massachusetts--2 boxes for $5.00. Top 8 allergen-free, 2 boxes for $5? Not bad at all!

Buy again? Absolutely! It's a no brainer for me--a dedicated peanut free/tree nut free (except coconut) facility, does not contain top 8 allergen ingredients, and a super taste!

Philly Swirl website: www.phillyswirl.com
Philly Swirl Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PhillySwirl

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