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29 October 2015

Mourning the Loss of Our Auvi-Q

The news of the massive Auvi-Q recall has just been thoroughly disappointing. I am a huge fan of Auvi-Q. Its compact, user friendly design won me and my son over as soon as we got our hands on one. We are so disappointed to have to go back to using Epi-pens. Make no mistake--we are beyond grateful that Epi-pens exist, but we like Auvi-Q much better. As long as it works...

Now in middle school, wearing an Epi-pen belt is NOT what my son wants to do. Blending is key for adolescents, and Epi-pens are rather bulky and hard to wear discreetly. You cannot, however, deny the reliability factor. Epi-pens have been around for quite a while, and you rarely hear negative reports about their use. We'll anxiously await the return of Auvi-Q, but I fear it will be some time, and then, how will we know they work?

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