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14 February 2016

Food Allergy Friends Find Me!

As I write this post, I am still waiting for Facebook to reinstate my account. A lovely "friend" on Facebook apparently reported my account or profile and I can no longer access it! While it is frustrating, I am confident the problem will be resolved soon. I suppose I should be flattered! I guess I should take this Facebook report to mean that I am making a dent in the world of food allergy awareness/education! Somebody was really affected by something I said.

If you are accustomed to contacting me or corresponding with me through Facebook, please feel free to contact me on Twitter where I am @FoodAllergyBuzz, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Google+, or through the Food Allergy Buzz Google + Community. Alternatively, you can always reach me through e-mail: jenniferATfoodallergybuzzDOTcom.

If you feel moved to try to help me with this silly Facebook problem, please see the image below and report that you aren't able to message Jenniferb-Foodallergybuzz anymore and can't see her posts or profile anymore. What's up with that?! I do enjoy being able to see your Facebook posts and comments too! Thank you for your support!

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